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Order your copy soon! Less than 70 copies of this unique limited-edition book—the encyclopedia on the West Baden Springs Hotel—remain.


Buying Options:

Option 1: Buy by credit card via PayPal:

For Indiana credit card purchasers subject to Indiana sales tax and credit card purchasers from other states.

Option 2: Order by mail and pay by check:

Order by mail and pay by check is required for any Indiana-based government agency or not for profit exempt from sales tax, with copy of exemption; and optional for any out-of-state purchaser and any purchaser subject to Indiana sales tax who prefers paying by check.

  • Mail written request to—

James M. Vaughn
6539 Finchley Road
Indianapolis, IN 46250

  • Indicate number of copies ordered, provide name and ship-to address with ZIP code, and include contact information (telephone or e-mail)

  • If subject to Indiana sales tax, enclose check payable to James M. Vaughn for $80.25 for each copy ordered.

  • If exempt from Indiana sales tax (non-Indiana purchasers and exempt Indiana purchasers), enclose check payable to James M. Vaughn for $75.00 for each copy ordered. Exempt Indiana purchasers should enclose with their order a copy of the form documenting exemption: Indiana Form ST-105, Indiana Form F0003, or other appropriate form. If you have a question, please use Contact/Author page.

Option 3: Direct purchase from author/publisher if located in/near Indianapolis/central Indiana:

Send e-mail to the author through the Contact/Author page to make arrangements.

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