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p. 246, Figure 6-81—The second and third sentences in the figure caption (beginning with “The base displays re-creations of the angels…” and ending with “…are best appreciated if seen in person.”) should be replaced with the following sentence: “The base displays photographs of the angels as they appear on the interior walls of the atrium hub.”

p. 449, Figure 11-28—The figure caption should be replaced in its entirety with the following caption: “Photographs of the original atrium hub angels are mounted on the left hallway wall, replacing the historic images of other Springs Valley hotels that are shown. The photographs, along with a discussion of possible original creators of the angels, are found in a multi-panel display located across from the lounge near the aisle leading to the dining room. Beautiful, graffiti-free re-creations of the angels, which were crafted by artist Pamela Mougin, are also often displayed in the hotel.”

(Note: In an error arising from the passage of time and decorative changes made by the hotel, the author incorrectly stated that re-creations of the atrium hub angels can currently be seen as originally described in the two figure captions cited above. However, a view of the base of the atrium Christmas tree (Figure 6-81) and of the hallway display (Figure 11-28) in late December 2012, after approval of the pre-press book proof, clearly showed that both utilized 1997 photographs of the angels as they appear in the atrium hub, not as re-creations. Although photographs taken by the author of the atrium Christmas tree on December 21, 2008, and of the hallway display on May 19, 2011, did reflect that re-creations were then displayed, interest in the intriguing and mysterious angel figures as they actually appear in the atrium hub led to the changes described. These corrections are reflective of the fact noted in the narrative that hotel features, services, and decorations are not immutable; they are dynamic and change often, reaching back to its earliest years and continuing today.)

p. 345, La Follette biography; and p. 494, table, La Follette—Change date of visit to hotel from “c. 1900 to c. 1906” to “early to mid-November 1900.” (Robert S. Maxwell, “La Follette and the Election of 1900: A Half-Century Appraisal,” Wisconsin Magazine of History, Vol. 35, No. 1, Wisconsin Historical Society, Autumn 1951, p. 71, footnote 68)

As other appropriate additional entries are identified or book-related events occur, they will be posted.

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